Giki Zero

Do good, feel good

Solving the global climate emergency. A challenge so enormous to make anyone feel powerless.  

Not with Giki Zero, though.  

It’s an online tool that tracks users’ personal carbon footprints. Showing how small actions add up to big results. One step at a time. (Like a pedometer for your conscience.) 

But shifting good intentions isn’t easy if it isn’t simple. And with a complex interface, Giki was struggling to live up to its original ambition.  






Brand & Creative Strategy, Brand Identity, Experience Design, Sustainable Design, Digital Content Design
Giki is all about nudges: small, well-timed actions that help make new behaviours stick. The right information is essential. But encouragement – step-by-step – is where lasting habits are made.  
  • Helen Hughes

When something feels like a game, we want to do it. Even more when it’s easy. And when the impact of those small actions is visible? That’s the start of something big.  

Now, when a user carries out a good deed, they get an instant dopamine hit. Celebration screens. Reward badges. Personalised suggestions, built on user behaviours, to make them oh-so easy.  

All thanks to a clearer, simpler identity that’s absolutely fizzing with energy. Character-filled illustrations, frozen mid-action. And a vibrant full-spectrum colour palette – knocked just off kilter.  

It makes doing the right thing user-friendly, frictionless and – best of all – fun. 
  • Helen Hughes

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