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Born in the deli

Over 100 years ago, Richard Hellmann opened his famous Columbus Street Deli in New York. It was in this deli that he would tie a blue ribbon around his best products so that his customers could quickly spot the most delicious mayonnaise on sale. The Hellmann’s brand that we know and love was born. And now it’s time to tell the story of the Hellmann’s brand today…

Since those humble NYC beginnings, Hellmann’s has moved beyond a singular, blue ribbon mayonnaise to become an extensive global brand. But Hellmann’s had started to lose sight of its honest, authentic roots. It was the perfect opportunity to bring back some of that original personality and charm.

We started by defining a more natural design aesthetic for the brand. One that is rooted in the world of real, wholesome, tasty food. Our inspiration came directly from that original deli – historical packaging, vintage deli tickets, food crates and wrapping materials.

Working on a new colour palette, we selected colours with a more natural, real food feel. Look a little closer at the detailing and you’ll also discover textures that hint at wood, brown paper and ceramics – it’s all beautifully imperfect, exactly what you’d expect from a deli experience.

Let’s not forget that blue ribbon. Our new, simplified one-colour ribbon appears in pride of place on each product alongside two new additions; Richard’s signature and “Est. 1913”, an extra nod to the brand’s story. Combined with our new house style of illustration and real photography, Hellmann’s now feels like a brand that comes from a place where products are made, not manufactured.

A refined tone of voice brings back the spirit of the brand’s heritage, with much of the typography has been hand-drawn to fit with the new design.

We think you’ll agree that Hellmann’s today captures the warm, welcoming realness of visiting a deli, celebrating the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients and, of course, really, really good food.