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Kungfu Pu’er Tea

Reinventing Kungfu Pu’er Tea as a wellness lifestyle brand, inspired by the spirit of Chinese martial artists, that connects contemporary audiences with ancient tea drinking traditions.

Kungfu Pu’er Tea is a producer of fine tea in Yunnan province, China, with traditional production methods that date back to the Ancient Tea Horse Road, Celebrating the notion of tea as the “antidote” to an overwhelming, fast-paced lifestyle of a modern society, we repositioned Kungfu Pu’er as a wellness lifestyle brand that’s ‘made for urban knights’, designed to rejuvenate body and mind for a new generation of tea drinkers.


  • Consumer


  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Packaging Design

With a brand statement, “drink with the world and live a transparent heart”, we created the visual identity inspired by the spirit of Chinese martial artists, Kung Fu warriors, the symbol of living lives with a pure heart, dedicated to others.

We evolved the distinctive swordsman logo of Kungfu Pu’er tea from the traditional Chinese Wuxia knight into a contemporary marque, a symbol of Kungfu Pu’er tea as “a drink made for urban knights”.

Each element of the marque evokes the story of the travelling knight, from the ‘bowa’ curve of the Diaojialou and the line of the Shujian teacup, to the tip of the sword and the shape of the sky, protecting the knight on his journey.

The visual language for packaging and communications is formed as an artistic reinterpretation of Chinese traditional watercolour paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, rice paper and seal carving textures, reaffirming the spirit of ancient Wuxia and tea culture into the brand expression.