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One in ten people are thought to have dyslexia, affecting their ability to read, write and learn. What if we could change the way we read, by changing the text font and design it to adjust specifically to our needs? This is how Lexend was born.

Working in collaboration with educational therapist, Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Google Fonts and a team of typographic designers, we created an open-access, variable typographic system, Lexend. It combines the newest technology in font software and a professional type design to pull together the most important typographic factors in reading proficiency into a variable font, to make the words more readable, based on who’s reading them.


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Lexend is a font system designed to change how the world reads and proven to significantly improve reading proficiency. A variable typographic system that can be selected and altered to suit the reader.

A key differentiating characteristic and, what makes Lexend so effective is the hyper-expansion of character spacing. This helps legibility by creating greater lag time, reducing potential crowding and masking effects while reading.

Enlarging and opening counters enhances character differentiation. Character differentiation leads to better recognition of individual characters and results in improved legibility.