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SRF Sport

SRF Sport is the beating heart of Swiss sport. We helped millions of fans feel closer to the action with a brand that gets up close and personal. Literally.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) is one of Switzerland’s largest public service broadcasters and SRF Sport is a home for the athletes and teams celebrated by fans across Switzerland. We created a new brand that captures the passion of sports fans across the country. Working with iconic type studio Dalton Maag we also developed a typeface that would help fans feel even closer to the sporting action than they ever had before. Really, really close.


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SRF is one of Switzerland’s largest public broadcasters. SRF Sport, is a key brand within the portfolio responsible for delivering multimedia sports reporting and coverage across the nation. We developed an approach that would authentically and emotively capture the intensity of the sporting action, led by a simple creative concept: ‘Feel Closer’.

At the heart of the identity is a lens system that takes its geometry from the Swiss flag to create vertical and horizontal lenses, drawing the viewer in, ever closer. A unique typeface featuring cropped letterforms reflects the sense of being close-up.

The red and white core colour palette to also takes its inspiration from the national flag, reinforcing SRF Sport’s role as the nation’s key public service broadcaster.

The visual identity flexes across broadcast, digital and web platforms – from powerful and emotive show opening sequences through to functional elements such as menu systems and apps.