Chateau D’esclans

Rosé Renaissance

Rosé: a wine redolent of summer afternoons, pool parties and beach blankets.  

And yet: rosé should be about so much more. Provençal craft, and ancient traditions. Sundrenched moments, celebrated the world over.   

But rosé all day, had made the space more about being poundable than on a pedestal. Even worse, rosé risked losing the associations that made it so special. 


Chataeu d'Esclans




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So it was time for a rosé renaissance. Such was the dream of Sacha Lichine: visionary winemaker, and the creative force behind Whispering Angel. A creator with equal mix of classic training and charismatic edge.
  • HollyAurelius

With a full taste profile and lush, bone-dry smooth finish, Whispering Angel was sure to captivate drinkers. Reflecting its founder’s daring mix of experience and experiment, it was ready to reinvent and elevate an entire category.

A curiosity that captivated Lichine from the two carved angels entrenched in intimate conversation at his chapel at Chateau d’Esclans wine estate.

And thus a brand was born. That intrigue became the muse for the brand - from the name itself "Whispering Angel" to how it took shape.

Look at those angels! They look like they are whispering to one another.
  • Natalie Hughes

From the selection of bottle structure to design details, each element crafted to elevate through classic cues and traditional elements, but with a contemporary quality. Always allowing the delicacy of the light pink hue to shine through. Culminating in an aspirational brand worthy of the world of wine, yet fit for the rosé lifestyle.

In other words: an identity steeped in history, paired with modern innovations. Just like the brand itself.


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