Fourteen wins at Brand Impact Awards 2023

Date 2023-10-06

The 10th Annual Brand Impact Awards saw Design Bridge and Partners take home 14 trophies including 2 Golds. In addition, our client BBC was crowned Client of the Decade for their award-winning work over the last 10 years including our Best in Show work for BBC Two in 2019.

We first partnered with BBC Two and BBC Creative to reinvigorate the iconic identity for BBC Two for a new generation. A radically diverse and radically different identity system that puts diverse, contrasting emotions at the heart of the experience. Partnering with some of the best British and global animators and artists, we used the central curve of the numeral ‘2’ as the glue for infinite artistic expressions.

More recently in 2022, we worked with the BBC and BBC Creative to create an identity for BBC Three to launch its return to UK TV screens. We developed unique personalities – Captain, Spider and Pointer, the stars of the new identity which entertainingly embraced the channel’s ethos and brand positioning.

We are also delighted for Ashurst, ESL R1, Eurovision, Frango Assado, Gigi’s Gelato, Taikoo Li, Thredd, Tencent Land of Warriors and our teams, who took home 14 awards including 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 6 Bronze awards, in categories including Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Illustration, and Typography. We are delighted that Eurovision was also shortlisted for Best in Show.

To mark its 10th year, this year’s Brand Impact Awards held its biggest-ever judging panel, packed with world-class expertise from agencies and clients behind Best of Show-winning projects over the past decade, Gold and Silver Award winners, plus other hand-picked branding specialists from across the globe.

While the BBC took home the Client of the Decade Award, our work with The London Symphony Orchestra over the last 8 years came in 2nd.

Congratulations to our clients, partners and teams for this fantastic achievement!


Client of the Decade
BBC – Design Bridge and Partners

Eurovision – Brand Strategy
Aston Martin – Copywriting

Aston Martin – Automotive
Aston Martin – Brand Strategy
Aston Martin – Motion (Ferocity.Driven)
Thredd – Financial Services
Tencent Land of Warriors, Starry Forest – Illustration
Taikoo Li – Retail

Thredd – Brand Strategy
Tencent Land of Warriors, Starry Forest – Entertainment
Frango Assado – Bars & Restaurants
ESL R1 – Brand Strategy
Ashurst – Brand Strategy
Gigi’s Gelato – Typography

See the full winners list here.

Gigi’s Gelato