Design Bridge and Partners have created the new brand for ElPozo 1954


Design Bridge and Partners have crafted the new brand for ElPozo 1954, a prominent figure in the gourmet food landscape of Spain.

ElPozo, a household name in Spain, is pivoting towards gourmet products in the market. This change in their business approach requires more refined strategies and innovative visual identities that go beyond industry norms.

We used the Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) tool to help create a strategy that adapts to changing consumption habits, follows current trends, and builds an emotional connection between consumers and ElPozo 1954. This strategy is reflected in the phrase “The emotion of good taste”, which features on all packaging and communications for ElPozo 1954.

“The big challenge was to democratise gourmet products, understanding that new consumers don't want to feel that eating well is a luxury but something exciting, a gesture of good taste,” explains Jesús Hernández, Strategy Director, Madrid. “The only way to carry out that task without the brand losing its differential essence in an ultra-competitive sector was to work creatively, speak the same language as the consumer, and not lose sight of ElPozo's image as a leading brand,” he adds.

The design process focused on understanding the practical needs and visual cues of the shelf, enhancing its appeal whilst preserving the brand recognition.

Cristina Sánchez, Global Brand Marketing Manager of El Pozo Alimentación, acknowledges the “good teamwork” between the leading food company and Design Bridge and Partners. Specifically, by adapting the brand's needs to market requirements and preferences, as well as “developing a concept for the ElPozo 1954 brand that not only endorses the quality and naturalness of its products but also shows a more seductive and differentiated identity capable of connecting and enchanting the consumer.”

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