It’s a Gamer’s World at Pentawards Festival

Date 2023-11-20

At the Pentawards Festival 2023, Selin Clayton, Global Trends Analyst, and Ben Thrasher, Strategy Director from Design Bridge and Partners London, teamed up with Lee Barnsley, Global Design Officer at Reckitt, to deliver a compelling talk on how brands can genuinely connect with the vast and diverse audience of the gaming world. With 3.2 billion gamers globally, the conversation centred on the importance of understanding the specific needs of this audience to facilitate more impactful and creative brand engagement.

The speakers delved into the evolving landscape of gaming, emphasising that many individuals who actively participate in gaming may not identify themselves as traditional ‘gamers’. They shed light on the fact that as gaming becomes more accessible, a significant portion of the player base engages in gaming not only for entertainment but also as a ritual for stress relief, education, and enhancing cognitive function. The talk highlighted the growing awareness and purposefulness of gaming audiences regarding the wellness aspect of their gaming activities.

The speakers explored the idea that gaming culture has transcended the boundaries of traditional gamers, reaching a broader audience that extends from streamers to TV shows. The integration of gaming with pop culture and fashion was a key focal point, demonstrating that the influence of the gaming world goes beyond the confines of dedicated gaming communities. This insight provides brands with a unique opportunity to tap into the widespread appeal of gaming and connect authentically with a diverse range of individuals who engage with gaming in various capacities.

Brands need to embrace the multifaceted nature of the gaming audience, recognising gaming as a cultural phenomenon that extends well beyond the traditional stereotype of a ‘gamer’. By understanding the specific needs and motivations of this global audience, brands can foster genuine connections and create creative campaigns that resonate authentically within the dynamic and expansive world of gaming.

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