Laphroaig captures the power of the open-fire and wild landscape of Islay with new Francis Mallmann Limited Edition packaging design

Date 2023-07-07

Design Bridge and Partners’ London Studio, and the renowned Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Laphroaig have launched a new limited edition in collaboration with celebrated chef Francis Mallmann as part of Laphroaig’s Taste Trailblazers Program. The Limited Edition is designed to showcase the shared passion for peat and fire that bring together these two icons in the world of whisky and gastronomy.

A world-famous chef known for his open-fire cooking, Mallmann creates unforgettable dishes imbued with smoke and is the ideal match for Laphroaig’s standout peaty character. In this limited edition, Mallmann has worked closely with distillery manager Barry MacAffer to select a 17 Year old spirit brimming with character that has then been finished in a white Madeira cask.

Commenting on the release, Francis Mallmann said, “My heart is ruled by smoke, the most incredible ingredient in the history of the human species. Our whole lives have been influenced by fire and I’ve seen first-hand how Laphroaig shares and embodies the same passion.”

Laphroaig distillery manager Barry MacAffer added, “Laphroaig has centuries of stories in its whisky but the one common thread throughout every one is an appreciation for the power of peat and its intense smokiness that makes each whisky so full of character.

“Francis Mallmann is a chef whose love of smoke and the flavour it can impart is kindred to our own. It was exciting to bring him on board as our Global Taste Trailblazer and even more so to work with him in creating this wonderful whisky.”

To bring this collaboration to life, Design Bridge and Partners has created a unique Limited Edition pack. The design captures the artistry of Mallmann, incorporating illustrations he made during his time on Islay, reflecting on the quiet, irresistible powers of the wild landscape and the power of the fire and smoke that lies at the heart of both Mallmann and Laphroaig.

The strokes of charcoal used on the carton represent the raw materials used in the process. The upward movement of the black strokes symbolise the movement of smoke, alongside lighter, amber strokes which represent the flame, depicting the connection points between Mallmann and Laphroaig.

The packaging includes a number of finer details that characterise the personality of Mallmann in the product. This includes his own signature on the box and the orange tab on the side that connects to the colourful personality of Francis himself. The Francis Mallmann Limited Edition is available from selected retailers later this year.

“To bring to life the uniqueness of the partnership between Laphroaig and Francis Mallmann, we leveraged the commonalities between them - the power of elemental forces that are involved in open fire cooking and the maturation process of whisky. This translated into a bespoke illustration that is completely personal to Mallmann that evokes a sense of flavour through simple storytelling.”

— Michael Stride, Creative Director, Design Bridge and Partners

“Laphroaig is a whisky that has a historical connection to Islay and the power of its peat to create an incredible smokiness. Francis Mallmann is a chef whose love of smoke and the flavour it can impart is kindred to our own. Design Bridge and Partners has been instrumental in bringing to life this special synergy and partnership and has produced packaging that is pure, yet so powerful in its elemental storytelling.”

— Fleur Maguet, Global Brand Director for Laphroaig and Blended Scotch