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Smart Down to Earth People

Date 2021-05-06

MyRepublic has unveiled a refreshed brand identity, as the home-grown telecommunication services provider celebrates its ninth anniversary this year. Driven by customer delivery, the refreshed brand identity focuses on attributes which customers expect from telecommunications service providers today. In addition, in line with its commitment to be a customer-first brand, MyRepublic has announced the rollout of its self-serve SIM card activation for new mobile customers beginning in May.

With its new brand identity, MyRepublic is differentiating itself from other internet and telecommunications service providers by embracing a modern, personable tone and personality that is intelligent but also down to earth. The new visual identity sees a refresh of MyRepublic’s various brand assets, with elements such as the core purple colour being optimised for a screen-first approach in line with changing digital consumption habits, which will be gradually rolled out across all of MyRepublic’s brand assets and sub brands. The bold simplicity of the identity cuts through a cluttered category and sets up the brand for expansion of its business footprint.

A brand by ‘People who get People’

The refreshed brand identity comes off the back of an in-depth customer study of 750 customers conducted by MyRepublic and our team, to evaluate current brand perception as well as key customer consideration factors and features. Findings from the customer survey guided the overall brand discovery process and informed MyRepublic's brand positioning as ‘People who get People’.

“As we continue to grow as a company, and as our world becomes increasingly digital-first, it is important for us to retain that human touch and stay simple, approachable and relevant to our customers. Our mobile service enhancement and brand refresh are part of a larger, ongoing commitment to place our customers' evolving needs and preferences at the heart of our brand and business. We are who we are today because of our customers, and our ability to bring meaningful value to them will be critical for our continued success.”

— Lawrence Chan, Managing Director, MyRepublic Singapore.



“At the heart of this branding effort was extensive research, especially amongst the MyRepublic community. We focused on why MyRepublic shares a special bond with its users. And it simply came down to their unique culture; these are smart, fast-moving, genuine people who truly care about their users. The new identity embraces that sentiment and sets up MyRepublic as a breath of fresh air within the category.”

— Danley Stone, Executive Client Director at Design Bridge and Partners

MyRepublic’s updated brand identity has been showcased through an integrated campaign which launched in March 2021, appearing across MRT stations and digital channels. Following the launch campaign, an internal brand study conducted by MyRepublic found that 97% of subscribers preferred the new brand identity over the previous look, with 95% indicating that the new branding reflected a sense of simplicity and customer-centricity. 93% of the respondents also found that MyRepublic’s new look sets MyRepublic apart from other service providers. A total of 1,758 MyRepublic subscribers were surveyed.